Current HFE education in New Zealand

HFESNZ endeavors to stay abreast of human factors and ergonomics (HFE) education options in New Zealand and provides this information to assist potential human factors/ergonomics professionals to select courses. In addition, people working in other roles and with an interest in HFE may seek education options to extend their knowledge of the field and its applications, without necessarily setting out to become an HFE professional. 

With assistance from the educational bodies, we have reviewed the courses available in New Zealand and have prepared summaries of NZ course offerings in the human factors and ergonomics field.  We invite you to make use of these summaries.  Please contact us if you have knowledge of other course options you believe we should know of. Education providers should contact the Professional Affairs Board Convenor with updated material. (This is a work in progress).

As yet, none of these courses will guarantee a pathway to Professional Membership with HFESNZ.  We recommend that those seeking professional certification make contact with us to discuss their goals and education pathways. We note that considerable work is currently occurring around the topic of HFE education in New Zealand and we will update this information as indicated.

We are keen to help you on your human factors and ergonomics educational journey.