The HASANZ Register is open for business. 

It’s a one stop shop for businesses to find verified professionals across the workplace health and safety disciplines. 

HFESNZ is a founding member of HASANZ - the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand.  HASANZ is an association of associations, with objectives to raise professional standards, grow professional excellence, industry advocacy, to develop health and safety leadership and stakeholder engagement. These objectives align strongly with HFESNZ aims.

HASANZ was created following the 2010 Pike River mine disaster. This tragic loss of 29 lives was the catalyst for the 2012 ‘Taskforce on Workplace Health and Safety’ and the government’s response, the ‘Working Safer’ package of reforms (2013).   As part of the solution for a step-change in workplace health and safety performance in New Zealand, the reforms outlined a commitment to establishing a representative body for professionals working within the health and safety sector.  This sparked the 2014 development of HASANZ, of which HFESNZ is a founding member.

HFESNZ representatives have actively contributed to the start-up of HASANZ, the successful 2016 and 2018 HASANZ Conferences, and work on the development of the HASANZ Register. The HASANZ Register is a national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals that includes human factors/ergonomics professionals. This was available from 27 July 2018, and businesses can search for a wide range of health and safety skills and services. HFESNZ's Certified Professional Members are eligible to list on the HASANZ Register, and are encouraged to do so. HFESNZ is working to develop CPD requirements for all Professional Members, that should enable Associate and Technical Professional Members to list on the HASANZ Register in the future.

The breadth of HFE roles and work areas is acknowledged - not all HFE professionals may feel that their work is within the ‘health and safety’ sector. The HASANZ description for how HFE professionals add value to business is: ‘We are human-centred design professionals who help businesses achieve the best possible fit between the things people do, the things they use and the environments they work in. Ergonomists or human factors professionals make processes and products compatible with human abilities and limitations to minimise harm and improve productivity’. Other HASANZ founding member organisations and the work roles of their members is found at

HASANZ has published ‘5 Quick Questions’ that encourage businesses to seek qualified professionals within the health and safety sector.  This resource prompts those who seek services to ask: Which professional association do you belong to - can you confirm this? What qualifications and/or certification do you have? What relevant skills and experience do you have for this job? Can you give me examples of similar work you have done recently? Are you happy for us to contact your clients about your work for them?

HFESNZ supports the notion of ensuring that HFE professionals are competent and capable, and encourages members to consider working towards Certified Professional Membership. We are working to build the professional development and mentoring pathways that will support members to enhance their skills.

In 2017 HASANZ worked with PwC on the HASANZ Health and Safety Professionals Survey, learning about how businesses see NZ health and safety professionals and how we see ourselves. 

IN 2019 HFESNZ and other member organisations worked with HASANZ for publication of the 'Building the Professions' report. This report highlighted gaps in capability and capacity within New Zealand's health and safety disciplines. HFESNZ and HASANZ then worked to prepare an HFE Workforce Development Proposal (May 2020) to begin to address HFE specific workforce development issues. 


The HASANZ Register  - Trusted advisers for healthier and safer workplaces  

The launch of the HASANZ Register marks a significant milestone for HASANZ and it’s also a major milestone for the workplace health and safety sector as a whole. For the first time, businesses have free access to a national, online register of verified health and safety professionals to find quality, reliable health and safety advice. This is a big step towards greater recognition of health and safety professionals across all disciplines and your critical role in making New Zealand workplaces safer and healthier.

The launch of the HASANZ Register is a collective achievement. It is the culmination of many years of work, especially by HASANZ member associations. Together, they collaborated on building the common framework of registration standards that underpins the Register and identified the different search categories. Most importantly, they have put in a mammoth effort to attain Full Membership of HASANZ and all that entails. They continue to play a key role in supporting the Register by vetting applications.

Insisting on consistent standards across disciplines is a mark of maturity for the workplace health and safety sector. It’s about growing professionalism and strengthening the system. Above all, the HASANZ Register will deliver trusted advisers for healthier and safer workplaces. The HASANZ Register has been made possible with generous funding from ACC and WorkSafe New Zealand. They have invested in it because they are convinced of its value.

To list on the HASANZ Register as a member of HFESNZ you must be a Certified Professional Member in good standing, and hold Professional Indemnity and General Liability insurances at an appropriate level of cover.  Statutory Liability insurance is recommended. Listing on the register will enable New Zealand businesses to find your services and to easily verify your competence in the field of HFE. HASANZ Registration is valid for both consultants and in-house professionals. An aim is that tender processes and job application processes will increasingly seek and recognise HASANZ Registration as a baseline.

There is a charge to list on the HASANZ Register, but it is free to use.  Registering will cost:

  • $100 per year exc GST, (refundable if your application is declined because it does not meet the registration standard) with an additional processing fee of $14.75 to cover the cost of online payment facilities.
  • A one-off application fee of $150 + GST is payable to HFESNZ, reflecting the time required to process the application. This is non-refundable. 
  • The total cost for registering and initial application thus comes to $326.96 including GST.

HFESNZ's 'Register Ambassadors' are our Administrator, our Convenor, and our Chairperson.  

To assist the process of completing your HASANZ Registration, please refer to this listing of HFESNZ accepted HFE skills and service types for the HASANZ Register. Please note that the development of this register system is ongoing - please contact us if you have constructive feedback.

Some helpful documents are:

10 steps to list 

HASANZ Register FAQs

And other items on  the HASANZ Register website.