HFESNZ Purposes

The purposes of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of New Zealand (from the October 2015 Rules) are:

1.  To promote the application of human/factors/ergonomics knowledge 
2.  To advance human factors/ergonomics research, education, public awareness and professional standards
3.  To perform any actions necessary or helpful to the above purposes.

Current Projects

The HFESNZ is enacting the society aims via a range of current (2016/2017) projects.  These include:

  • Updating the website and membership services and systems to bring more and better information about Human Factors and Ergonomics to both the public and society members.
  • Bringing Human Factors/Ergonomics educational opportunities to members and other interested persons via a new monthly webinar series
  • The provision of regular conferences and regional meetings
  • Regular member newsletters and communications
  • Actively working with the Health and Safety Association of New Zealand (HASANZto raise professional standards across the health and safety sector to provide healthier and safer workplaces for New Zealanders.  HASANZ objectives for raising professional standards, professional excellence, industry advocacy, health and safety leadership and stakeholder engagement align strongly with HFESNZ aims.  HFESNZ representatives have actively contributed to the start-up of HASANZ, the successful September 2016 HASANZ Conference, and ongoing work on the development of the HASANZ Register – a national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals that includes human factors/ergonomics professionals. This register is due to go live in 2017, and the first step in achieving "Certified Professional Member" listing on the HASANZ Register has been met via HFESNZ meeting HASANZ’s Full Membership criteria in late 2016.